Hadapsar police arrest four employees of reputed delivery company for delivering stones to customers purchasing online phones

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By: Pune Pulse

August 31,2023

Pune: The Pune City police have apprehended four employees of a reputable delivery company for allegedly delivering stones and soap bars to customers who had purchased mobile phones online.

As per information, the shop owner complained to the Hadapsar police station. The owner of a mobile phone store in the Hadapsar region received multiple complaints from customers who had bought cell phones online but received packages containing stones, soaps, or defective handsets.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that a total of 31 cell phones, valued at Rs 7.27 lakhs, had not been delivered to the concerned customers. As many as 19 mobile phones of various companies worth Rs 4.5 lakh have been recovered from the accused.

However, we tried contacting Ravindra Shelke, Police Inspector, Hadapsar but couldn’t connect.

Madhupriya Dhanwate