Health Concerns Rise in Pune as ‘Inedible’ Ice Gains Popularity; Juice Centers Under Scrutiny

'Inedible' ice is widely used in Pune; Juice centers' "ice" not good for health?

'Inedible' ice is widely used in Pune; Juice centers' "ice" not good for health? (representational Image)

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The maximum temperature in the city has reached 35 to 40 degrees. As soon as one steps out of the house in the heat of summer, they turn to Raswanti Griha(Sugarcane Juice center), juice centers, and lemon sherbet carts. But is the ice used in these drinks even edible? In the city, inedible cooling ice is being used in cold drinks, and the health of Pune residents is being compromised. The FDA is ignoring the issue allege some health experts. Infact, the Department must take stern action on establishments using unclean water to make ice as this ice may cause severe health disorders.

Shockingly, it has been revealed that many juice vendors do not even know which ice is edible and which is not. Basically, since the types of ice are not known, the health problems of common people are being exacerbated.

Juice centers and ice cream carts are installed at the intersections of the city. Among these, sugarcane factories are more numerous. Citizens flock to Rasvantigriha to cool their parched throats from the heat of the sun.

But is the ice from the factory that the seller buys clean water or not? This is not checked. Vendors remove ice cubes from under dirty sacks with an iron pick and mix the ice cubes into the drinks in hand. This has also raised questions about the storage and use of ice.

In Pune city, there are two factories producing edible ice and one factory producing non-edible ice for cooling, while there are six to seven factories in rural areas. Ice used for industry and ice used for food are produced here.

Industrial ice is produced for cooling milk, fish, and chemical products. All the ingredients in this ice are very dangerous for health. This ice is used for eating. It has come to light that ice for industrial use is being sold as food.

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