Pune : Sahakarnagar Residents’ Demands Met: Joint Inspection Conducted After Alleged Tree Felling Incident

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In a recent development, following a meeting at Van Bhavan on March 13th, the demands put forth by residents regarding the alleged tree felling incident have seen progress. On March 17th, a team of forest department experts, accompanied by citizen representatives, conducted a comprehensive inspection of the trees that were felled. The inspection, aimed at addressing concerns raised by residents after the Taljai Hill fire, lasted from 10:30 am to 1 pm.

The Sahakarnagar Citizens Forum, representing concerned citizens, presented a list of demands to the forest department during the meeting. These demands included a joint inspection of tree felling activities, implementation of vehicle entry and exit records, and the presence of forest department officers during such activities.

The demands presented by the forum included:

  1.  A thorough assessment of tree felling activities by forest experts, citizens, and department officials to prevent unauthorized activities.
  2. Implementation of a system to track vehicle movement at forest department gates and display of duty signboards on vehicles for record-keeping purposes.
  3.  Requirement of forest department passes for contractor employees working in forest areas.
  4.  Mandating the presence of responsible forest officers during tree felling and plantation activities.
  5.  Installation of informative boards at forest department gates, detailing ongoing work and contractor information.
  6.  Installation of CCTV cameras at entry and exit points for enhanced security.

Responding to these demands, the forest department announced the establishment of an Urban Joint Forest Management Committee (UJFMC). This committee will oversee forest management activities on Taljai Hill, ensuring better coordination and monitoring. Mrs. Joshi, a forest department official, stated, “The committee will work closely with citizens to address their concerns and ensure sustainable forest management.”

The findings of the inspection conducted on March 17 will be submitted to the Deputy Conservator of Forests for further action, marking a step forward in addressing residents’ concerns and safeguarding Pune’s green spaces.

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