Historic Bhide Wada in Pune : First Girls School in India Demolished For New Memorial

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Historic Bhide Wada in Pune : First Girls School in India Demolished For New Memorial

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Pune : In compliance with a recent Supreme Court ruling, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) carried out the demolition of Bhide Wada, a historical landmark in Pune and the site of the country’s first girls’ school.

The Supreme Court, having dismissed petitions from all tenants last month, mandated the PMC to take possession of the property, leading to the overnight demolition operation amid heightened police presence. Plans are underway to establish a national-level monument at the site.

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has executed the demolition of Bhide Wada, a cherished historical site in Pune, renowned for hosting the nation’s first girls’ school. This decisive action comes in the wake of a Supreme Court directive, which, in the previous month, rejected all petitions from tenants and instructed the PMC to assert control over Bhide Wada. Following this legal development, the iconic structure was dismantled overnight, accompanied by a substantial police presence. Reports indicate that the site will be transformed into a national-level monument.

The municipal administration, dissatisfied with the lack of compliance with the Supreme Court’s order, issued notices to business entities within the vicinity on Monday morning (4th December). Subsequently, the demolition commenced around 11:30 pm on Monday night, with over fifty police personnel securing the area.

Bhide Wada, previously owned by a cooperative bank, became a subject of legal contention when twenty-four tenants filed a petition against the PMC in the High Court in 2010.

Despite an initial ruling favoring the PMC, the case was further contested in the Supreme Court, where a total of 80 hearings took place. Ultimately, the legal battle reached its conclusion with the Supreme Court’s order for the demolition of Bhide Wada. The PMC has since envisioned transforming the site into a national monument.