Hit-and-Run Horror In Pune: Infosys Employee Injured In Drunk Driving Incident In Hinjawadi

Hit-and-Run Horror In Pune: Infosys Employee Injured In Drunk Driving Incident In Hinjawadi

Hit-and-Run Horror In Pune: Infosys Employee Injured In Drunk Driving Incident In Hinjawadi

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Lekharaj Fegade’s plea for justice highlights lack of progress in Hinjawadi accident case.

6 June 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

In a harrowing incident of reckless driving, Lekharaj Fegade, an employee at Infosys, narrowly escaped death after being struck by a speeding car in Hinjawadi’s Xrbia Township. The incident, which occurred in the early hours of Sunday, left Fegade with severe injuries, including 26 stitches and two fractures, as he lay helpless on the roadside.

Eyewitnesses recounted the horrifying scene as a white car, purportedly travelling at over 100 kilometres per hour, careened out of control and collided with Fegade’s Hero Xpulse bike, before fleeing the scene. Reports suggest that the driver, believed to be intoxicated, had already targeted two other individuals prior to the collision with Fegade.

Despite the swift response from bystanders who rushed Fegade to Sai Datta Hospital near IIMS College for urgent medical attention, the aftermath of the incident has been marred by frustration and disappointment. Abhijit Sabale, a police officer from the Hinjawadi station, promptly filed a First Information Report (FIR) number 0707 on 2nd June, yet progress on the case has been slow.

Lekharaj spoke about the incident, “Despite how badly I’m hurt, I haven’t heard anything about what’s happening with my case. When I tried to find out, they told me to come to the police station, even though I’m really injured. And when I’ve tried to call, they hang up on me, so I’m left with no help or information. There are lots of crashes happening late at night around Xrbia Township, and it seems like nobody’s doing anything about it. Drunk drivers are putting everyone in danger, and it’s not right.”

He added, “I’ve also tried to get CCTV footage from where the accident happened in order to get hold of the driver, but they say it’s been deleted, and the cameras aren’t working properly. This makes it even harder to figure out what happened and catch the person responsible. The authorities need to make keeping people safe on the road a priority. We need them to do something about drunk driving and make sure there are better safety measures around Xrbia Township.” 

In a bid for justice, Fegade has released a short clip captured moments after the hit-and-run, pleading for public assistance in apprehending the culprit. 

M K Adling, Traffic Police official, Hinjawadi police station stated that they are aware of the situation and are doing the survey of the area to install CCTV cameras which can track accidents. They will be installed within two months.