Hoteliers unhappy over restrictions; also demand relaxation in taxes

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Members of United Hospitality Association held silent protest against the forced shutdown under the new guidelines issued by the civic body as well as the district administration.

The members held placards and banners stating their protest against the forced lockdown of restaurants.

The protest was organised by President Sandeep Narang, vice president Adv Ajinkya Shinde, secretary Darshan Ravalh, treasurer Sameer Shetty, representing the 500 member association.

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Sandeep Narang in his comment stated that this lockdown has compelled many restaurants to shut down completely. We have demanded to the district administration to allow us to remain open from 11 am to 11 pm. Also we have asked them to roll back completely the excise duty which we have been charged. Also we need concession in power supply charges too. We are also seeking some leverage in property taxes. The short window of 7 am to 6 pm is not enough to survive.”

Further commenting on the issue Raval said, “We demand some relief from the administration. We have already suffered heavy losses in the last one year. “

The members also demanded permission to do home delivery of liquor and beer.