I-Bikes to Aid Pune Police in Forensic Evidence Collection

I-Bikes to Aid Pune Police in Forensic Evidence Collection

I-Bikes to Aid Pune Police in Forensic Evidence Collection

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Pune: Starting July 1, the Pune police will introduce two I-Bikes (investigation motorcycles) in each of the city’s five police zones. These motorcycles, along with trained personnel, will assist in the collection of forensic evidence from crime scenes, especially for serious offenses punishable by seven or more years of imprisonment.

The implementation of these I-Bikes is in line with the new criminal laws, the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita (BNS) and the Bharatiya Sakshya Sanhita, which are set to come into effect next month.

Equipped with essential materials and tools, the I-Bikes will enable the collection of critical evidence such as hair strands, fingerprints, photographs, blood stains, and saliva. “The new Bharatiya Sakshya Act emphasizes the speedy collection of evidence to be produced in courts,” explained additional commissioner of police (crime) Shailesh Balkawade. He added that forensic evidence collectors and constables would film and record the entire evidence collection process with digital cameras, and these recordings will be presented in court.

Currently, forensic vans from each police unit, such as the city police commissionerate and rural police headquarters, visit crime scenes to collect evidence. Balkawade noted that the I-Bikes would enhance this process by enabling quicker access to crime scenes, particularly in urban areas where traffic can delay larger vehicles. He highlighted that rapid response is crucial as weather conditions, like rain or strong winds, can destroy evidence if forensic experts arrive late.

A senior forensic sciences expert emphasized the importance of immediate evidence collection in crimes such as murder, rape, and arson. “Immediate collection of evidence can provide vital clues to the police, aiding in the detection of cases and achieving convictions, as these evidences are scientifically proven,” the expert said.

The introduction of I-Bikes aims to ensure that evidence is preserved and collected efficiently, thereby strengthening the investigative process and improving the likelihood of successful prosecutions.