“If My Father Were a Builder…”: Essay Competition Held at Pune Porsche Accident Site

"If My Father Were a Builder…": Essay Competition Held at Pune Porsche Accident Site

"If My Father Were a Builder…": Essay Competition Held at Pune Porsche Accident Site

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Pune- 26th May: Congress MLA Ravindra Dhangekar organized an essay competition at Kalyani Nagar, Pune. Last week, a tragic Porsche accident in Kalyani Nagar resulted in the loss of two lives. In a bid to raise awareness and provoke thought, the themes for the competition were “If My Father Were a Builder…” and “Who are Ashwini and Anish’s Killers?”

The Essay Competition

The competition saw a significant turnout, with many participants gathering at the accident site. To ensure safety and order, 60 to 70 police officers were deployed. The primary aim of this essay competition was to engage the community, particularly the youth, in reflecting on societal issues through their writing. The first prize for the competition was set at INR 11,111, adding to the enthusiasm of the participants.

The Accident and Legal Proceedings

The main accused in the accident was a minor, the son of a prominent builder. The juvenile court had granted him bail on the condition that he write a 300-word essay on the accident and assist the RTO in traffic control. This decision sparked a debate about the roles of the police and the judiciary in such cases. Public pressure eventually led to the minor being sent to a juvenile correctional facility.

Message to Society

Through this essay competition, Dhangekar aimed to send a powerful message to society. Reflecting on the theme “If My Father Were a Builder…”, participants and onlookers were prompted to consider the implications of using wealth and influence to circumvent justice. The essay competition included topics such as “My Favorite Car (Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, or others),” “The Dangers of Alcohol,” “Follow Rules, Avoid Accidents,” and “The Law is the Same for Everyone,” among many others. The theme “Who are Ashwini and Anish’s Killers?” highlighted the need for a more vigilant and accountable justice system.

The essay competition turned the accident site into a place of reflection and dialogue. It emphasized the importance of legal and social accountability, urging the younger generation to be more aware and responsible. This event not only honored the memory of the victims but also encouraged the community to engage in meaningful discourse about justice and responsibility.