Indian Army rescues a stranded youth in mountains

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In a daring mission Teams of MADRAS Regimental Centre and Para Regimental Training Centre under the aegis of Southern Command undertook a spectacular rescue operation to extricate a stranded trekker Babu stuck in a steep gorge in Malampuzha mountains, Palakkad, Kerala.

A team of four amateur trekkers on 07 February 2022 had ventured into the Malampuzha Reserve Forest area in Palakkad District. Among them was the 23 year old boy R Babu who accidentally slipped into a 600 meter deep cleft on the hill face.

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After the day long efforts of other agencies did not yield results, the Indian Army was requisitioned by the State Government on 08 February at 08 PM.

Army Specialist Teams with Qualified Mountaineers and Rock Climbing experts including Everest Expeditioners from Parachute Regimental Centre Bangalore and Madras Regimental Centre, Wellington were mobilised under the coordination of Dakshin Bharat Area Chennai.

On reaching the location the Teams carried out a thorough reconnaissance of the site employing all means including drones. A strategy of multiple approaches was employed to ensure greater chance of success. Operations for rescue commenced at first light on 09 February 2022.

All through contact and verbal communication was maintained to keep the boy in high morale. Indian Armed Forces heptrs were kept on standby for all contingencies.

Finally at around 10:15 AM on 09 February 2022 the teams in a coordinated effort, employed rock climbing experts and rescued the trekker in a safe and healthy state and reunited him with his family.

The swift response and professionalism displayed by the teams has reiterated the confidence of the Nation in the indomitable force called the Indian Army.