Indian Student’s Death in US Linked to ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ Game

Indian Student's Death in US Linked to 'Blue Whale Challenge' Game

Indian Student's Death in US Linked to 'Blue Whale Challenge' Game (Representational pic)

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The tragic death of an Indian student studying at the University of Massachusetts in the United States has been linked to the notorious “Blue Whale Challenge” game. The 20-year-old student, whose identity remains undisclosed at the request of his family, was found deceased on March 8, prompting speculation initially suggesting robbery and murder.

However, subsequent investigations have pointed towards suicide, with suspicions arising around the influence of the Blue Whale Challenge. 

This online game, notorious for its harmful and potentially fatal dares, has claimed the lives of numerous children and teenagers globally, earning it the moniker “suicide game.”

The Blue Whale Challenge comprises a series of increasingly challenging tasks spread across 50 levels, starting with seemingly innocuous assignments but progressively escalating to dangerous and self-harming acts. While the Indian government contemplated banning the game outright, it eventually opted to issue detailed guidelines, warning citizens to steer clear of its dangers.

The student’s demise initially sparked confusion, with reports erroneously identifying him as a student of Boston University and suggesting foul play. However, subsequent clarifications by media outlets, including The Boston Globe, identified the victim by name and clarified the circumstances surrounding his death.

Asked specifically about the student’s death in this game, Miliote said, “We have no information on this. The case is being investigated as an apparent suicide. We are awaiting the medical examiner’s final conclusions before the case is closed. This happened on March 22. There has been no response to requests for an update. He did not respond to a text and a voice call message on Friday.”

Official sources indicated that the student had engaged in a task involving holding his breath for an extended period, underscoring the dangerous nature of the challenges posed by the Blue Whale Challenge. Despite calls for stricter measures against the game, the Indian government’s efforts have thus far been limited to issuing advisories to raise awareness about its risks.