IndiGo passenger finds screw in sandwich during flight, airline responds

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An IndiGo passenger experienced a shocking incident when he discovered a screw embedded in his sandwich during a flight from Bengaluru to Chennai. The incident came to light when the passenger shared images on the ‘Bangalore’ subreddit, expressing concern about the foreign object in his in-flight meal. The user, detailed the unsettling experience, claiming that IndiGo staff did not adequately address the issue.

The post on Reddit included pictures of the sandwich with the embedded screw, and the passenger sought an apology from the airline. According to the passenger, IndiGo’s response was that since the consumption occurred post-flight, they couldn’t be held responsible.

In response to the incident gaining attention, IndiGo issued a statement expressing awareness of the situation. The airline assured that their in-flight meals are sourced from reputable caterers to maintain high standards of quality and hygiene. IndiGo regretted the inconvenience caused to the passenger and emphasized its commitment to providing the best possible in-flight experience while ensuring compliance with all food and hygiene standards.

The incident adds to a series of unsettling incidents involving foreign objects found in in-flight meals, raising concerns about food safety during air travel.

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