Indigo passenger finds worm crawling on sandwich. Flight Attendant’s ‘Chill’ Reaction Raises Questions

Indigo passenger finds worm crawling on sandwich.

Indigo passenger finds worm crawling on sandwich. Flight Attendant's 'Chill' Reaction Raises Questions"

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Dietician Khushboo Gupta recounts her harrowing ordeal on an Indigo flight, labeling it the “worst experience” as she discovered a live worm in her sandwich.

Gupta expressed her dissatisfaction with the declining quality of food and service provided by the low-cost airline, sharing a disturbing video of the incident on Instagram.

Having boarded an Indigo flight from Delhi to Mumbai on December 29, Gupta had pre-booked and paid for a vegetarian sandwich, which was promptly served to her during the journey. However, her enjoyment turned to shock when she noticed a worm crawling on her sandwich after taking a bite. Despite her request to inform other passengers about the incident, the flight attendant responded in a “casual” manner.

Expressing concern for the well-being of fellow passengers, especially children and the elderly, Gupta questioned the flight attendant’s decision to continue serving sandwiches despite knowing about the subpar quality. The flight attendant’s response, a nonchalant promise to replace the sandwich, left Gupta dissatisfied. She declined the substitute food offered by the attendant, emphasizing that the primary action should have been alerting other passengers to make informed decisions about consuming the sandwiches.

Gupta clarified that her intention was not to seek a refund or compensation from Indigo but to prioritize passenger safety. In response to the incident, Indigo acknowledged the concern and assured corrective measures. The airline stated that it promptly halted the service of the specific sandwich, initiated a thorough investigation, and is collaborating with its caterer to address the issue. Indigo apologized for any inconvenience caused to the passenger in a formal statement.

“We are aware of a concern raised by one of our customers regarding their experience on flight 6E 6107 from Delhi to Mumbai. We want to emphasize our unwavering commitment to maintain the highest standards of food and beverage service on board. Upon investigation, our crew had immediately ceased the service of the specific sandwich in question. The matter is currently under thorough examination, and we are working closely with our caterer to ensure appropriate corrective measures are taken. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to the passenger,” Indigo said in a statement.

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