Interview questions that landed this man jobs at JP Morgan, Citi

Interview questions that landed this man jobs at JP Morgan, Citi

Interview questions that landed this man jobs at JP Morgan, Citi

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Andrew Lokenauth, a writer and financial expert, recently shared invaluable advice for job seekers aiming to secure positions at prestigious corporations such as JP Morgan and Citi. Highlighting the importance of asking questions during job interviews, Lokenauth credited this practice for his success in securing roles at multinational companies.

On threads, Lokenauth shared a series of questions that he asked interviewers during job interviews, which ultimately led to job offers from JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Citi. “Every job interview ends with Q&A. But most people never ask questions at the end of job interviews. Here are ten questions I used to get hired at JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Citi,” Lokenauth wrote.

Each question was accompanied by the reasoning behind asking it. For instance, the first question, “Is there anything else I can elaborate on to ensure I’m the top choice?” aimed to demonstrate the candidate’s enthusiasm and commitment to the role. The second question, “What doubts do you have about my qualifications for this role?” was designed to address any potential concerns upfront and showcase the candidate’s self-awareness and willingness to address weaknesses.

Among the questions listed, Lokenauth emphasized the importance of inquiring about internal promotions and career advancements, as well as understanding the soft skills required for the role and the typical day-to-day responsibilities.

Commenters on the thread echoed the significance of asking questions during interviews based on their own experiences. One user shared how asking questions during an interview helped them stand out among a pool of candidates, ultimately leading to a job offer. Another user, with experience in big law and Wall Street, affirmed the effectiveness of Lokenauth’s follow-up questions.

Overall, Lokenauth’s insights underscore the importance of active engagement during job interviews and the value of thoughtful questions in leaving a lasting impression on interviewers.