IPL Betting Bust: Pune Police Crackdown on Pub Owner and High-Profile Bookies from Mumbai, MP, and Dubai

IPL betting

In a major operation targeting illegal betting on IPL cricket matches, the anti-extortion squad of the Pune Police’s crime branch conducted a raid, leading to the arrest of several individuals involved in the illicit activity. Those apprehended were Jitesh Mehta, owner of the Punch pub in Pune, and high-profile bookie Akshay Tiwari from Madhya Pradesh, few others from Mumbai and Dubai. Pune Police have registered a case in connection with this operation, marking a significant development in the fight against cricket betting.

While incidents of betting during IPL matches have been exposed in the past, the recent raid holds additional significance due to the involvement of prominent bookies not only from Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh but also from Dubai. Pune Police is carrying out further investigations in the case.

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