Is your pet registered with Pune Municipal Corporation ? Here’s how you can do it online. 

Is your pet registered with Pune Municipal Corporation ? Here's how you can do it online.

Is your pet registered with Pune Municipal Corporation ? Here's how you can do it online.

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Pune’s pet lovers are in for a treat as the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) gears up to introduce a convenient online renewal system for pet licenses, starting next week.

The PMC’s latest initiative aims to streamline the process of renewing licenses for pet dogs and cats, making it easier for the city’s pet owners.

Approximately a year and a half ago, the PMC initiated online registration for pet dogs and cats, a move that was met with positive reception from the community.

Building on this success, the PMC has now announced plans to roll out online renewal services for pet licenses, enhancing accessibility and convenience for pet enthusiasts.

According to officials from the PMC veterinary department, the renewal fee for each pet will be set at Rs 25, with detailed information available on the PMC website.

Previously, the department introduced online registration for pets in November 2022, requiring pet owners to pay an upfront fee of Rs 500 for a 10-year period, amounting to Rs 50 per year.

The upcoming renewal feature will be prominently displayed on the PMC website, offering a seamless experience for pet owners.

Notably, the online registration initiative saw significant participation from dog owners, with 3,522 dog licenses issued. However, only 162 cat owners availed themselves of the licenses.

Following registration, licenses are typically issued within 20 days, after which pet owners must renew their licenses upon expiration. Initially, this renewal process was conducted in-person, ward-wise.

However, recognizing the need for a more efficient approach, the PMC has opted to transition to online renewal services.

Pet owners will be required to submit various documents, including a certificate of rabies vaccination, residential address, a photo of the animal, property tax payment receipt, and a no objection certificate from the housing society, as part of the annual license renewal process.

Dr. Sarika Funde, veterinary superintendent at PMC, expressed satisfaction with the positive response to the online registration qqsystem, highlighting the issuance of 3,522 dog licenses and 162 cat licenses to date. Dr. Funde emphasized the ease of the online registration process, enabling pet owners to ensure compliance with municipal regulations without the need for physical visits to PMC facilities or ward offices.