Japan: Powerful earthquake strikes, leaving eight dead and triggering Tsunami warnings, details below

Japan: Powerful earthquake strikes

Japan: Powerful earthquake strikes, leaving eight dead and triggering Tsunami warnings, details below

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Japan was hit by at least 21 earthquakes in a span of 90 minutes. According to an official statement, all the tremors measured above 4.0 on the Richter scale. The most powerful earthquake measured 7.6 on the Richter scale.

Following which, Indian Embassy had issued emergency contact for citizens after tsunami alerts in Japan.

NHK reported a one-meter tsunami in Wajima, with a potential 5-meter threat in Ishikawa prefecture. Urgent advisories from authorities prompt residents to move to higher ground and away from the coast. While the quake was perceptible in Tokyo, no immediate damage reports surfaced. 

Responding to the seismic event, Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority is actively assessing the status of nuclear power plants, including Kashiwazaki Kariwa and Shika.

Japan’s prime minister has said the country is facing a “battle against time” to rescue those affected by a series of major earthquakes which killed at least eight people, injured dozens and sparked fires that destroyed homes.

Police and local authorities early on Tuesday reported cases of bodies being pulled from the rubble of collapsed buildings while others remained trapped.

The Embassy of India in Japan had issued emergency contact numbers for Indian citizens in the archipelago following a series of powerful earthquakes in central Japan.

Indians in Japan should dial following Emergency numbers for any assistance:

+81-80-3930-1715 (Mr. Yakub Topno)

+81-70-1492-0049 (Mr. Ajay Sethi)

+81-80-3214-4734 (Mr. D.N. Barnwal)

+81-80-6229-5382 (Mr. S. Bhattacharya)

+81-80-3214-4722 (Mr. Vivek Rathee)

Indians in Japan can contact via the following email for any assistance:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Japan issued tsunami alerts and told people to evacuate seaside areas after a series of strong quakes on its western coastline on Monday.

Japanese public broadcaster NHK TV warned torrents of water could reach as high as 5 metres (16.5 feet) and urged people to flee to high land or the top of a nearby building as quickly as possible.

Government spokesman Yoshimasa Hayashi told reporters that nuclear plants in the area had not reported any irregularities. But he added that people in coastal areas needed to get away from the oncoming tsunami.