Jay Kolhatkar successfully scaled Mount Everest

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Jay Kolhatkar, an ardent rock climber and mountaineer successfully scaled Mt. Everest on Thursday 12 May 2022, at morning 6 AM.

He returned Mumbai on 18th May evening ,where he received a big welcome by family members and residents of his housing society.
Jay started his mountaineering journey from the age of 14 yrs.

He had been dreaming of this goal since then. His passionate journey began with numerous treks in Sahyadri & Himalaya & gained basic & advanced mountaineering courses at ABVIMAS at Manali & Rock climbing courses by Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering’ Pune added technical expertise to this.

He developed his skills & climbed numerous Peaks such as Mount Friendship, Mt. Yunam, Mt. Elbrus highest peak in Europe & Russia); Mt. Mera in Nepal.

He set his eyes on Mt. Everest and trained for two years. the 2020 pandemic delayed his mission ,but he pursued his training without   any  distractions, finally achieving  his goal on 12 May2022.

Pune’s GGIM & guidance from Umesh Zirpe, Vivek Shivade, Bhushan Harshe and Dr. Sumeet Mandale has made a valuable contribution in his journey.

Jay is a resident of Shastri Hall- a 150 year old housing society  at Nana chowk – Grant Road, which is famous for nurturing traditions culture as well as encouraging talents from academics, arts, adventure, sports ,literature & social fields, gave a grand welcome in a pure traditional manner to Jay.

Shastri Hall, Nana Chouk, is a hundred- and fifty-year-old colony that is unique in its preservation of Maharashtrian values and culture. The strong sense of community and bonding that it inculcates have allowed the children of Shastri Hall to thrive and grow in the fields of sports, art and adventure. Jay Kolhatkar, who scaled Everest, has grown up here. His return home from the world’s highest peak was celebrated by all Shastri Hall-kars, as he received a whopping welcome amidst the resounding sound of dhols, drums and a display of lezim by the residents.

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