Job rules you need to know while working in Saudi Arabia 

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Job rules you need to know while working in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia, an important country for Indian workers and professionals, has made a significant change for foreign domestic workers. The Saudi government has sought to further tighten visa regulations for the recruitment of foreign domestic workers.

The Ministry of Human Resources has tightened the requirements for obtaining visas in order to employ foreign domestic workers, with a particular emphasis on those who are 24 years of age and older. The goal of the action is to guarantee a more responsible and mature workforce in the domestic industry.

The revised regulations allow holders of Saudi premium residency permits, Gulf nationals, foreign spouses of Saudi men and their mothers, and Saudi citizens to apply for visas. 

But eligibility is dependent on the employer’s financial situation, which is in line with government initiatives to protect domestic workers’ welfare.

Numerous categories of domestic workers are covered by the new regulations, including live-in nurses, tutors, nannies, farmers, housekeepers, drivers, housemaids, cleaners, cooks, guards, and tailors.

The objective is to protect the rights of both employers and domestic workers by implementing a strong dispute resolution mechanism and increasing transparency and efficiency in the hiring process.

This program supports Saudi Arabia’s continuous efforts to modernize its labor market by guaranteeing equitable treatment and transparent contractual arrangements for workers employed domestically.