IndiGo announces AI chatbot ‘6Eskai’ to streamline booking process

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By: Pune Pulse

November 28, 2023

Pune: On Monday, IndiGo announced the implementation of an AI chatbot that is effectively easing the workload of customer service agents and streamlining the booking process through the use of natural language conversations.

According to the airline, the AI bot has an astounding 1.7 trillion parameters, which enables it to effortlessly respond to a wide variety of frequently asked questions.

The carrier announced in a statement that its data scientists conducted research on generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) and utilized prompt engineering to program the bot to imitate human behavior, respond to emotions, and incorporate humor into interactions. Additionally, the carrier reported a significant decrease of 75% in customer service agent workload during the soft launch, demonstrating the bot’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Additionally, 6Eskai streamlines the booking procedure by employing natural language conversations, ensuring a smooth and effortless booking experience for our customers. This was stated in the press release. Numerous airlines have embraced AI-powered solutions to enhance their operations.

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