‘Kaari-2024’ Festival Ignites Creativity in Pune

'Kaari-2024' Festival Ignites Creativity in Pune

'Kaari-2024' Festival Ignites Creativity in Pune

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Photo Caption: Students showcase their exceptional creations at the ‘Kaari-2024’ festival in Pune.

Pune is currently experiencing a surge of creativity and innovation, thanks to the launch of the much-awaited ‘Kaari-2024’ festival by the MIT University of Art, Design, and Technology. The festival, a joyous celebration of fine arts, performing arts, media, design, and architecture, began with great excitement at the Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery located on Ghole Road.

‘Kaari,’ which translates to artwork, perfectly captures the essence of this four-day extravaganza, where students’ remarkable creations take centre stage for all to admire. The event saw an illustrious inauguration, graced by renowned painter Chandramohan Kulkarni and esteemed architects Rishikesh Kulkarni and Girish Doshi, marking a significant milestone in Pune’s cultural calendar.

Speaking at the inauguration, Chandramohan Kulkarni highlighted the significance of art in enriching lives and lauded MIT-ADT’s commitment to nurturing art-oriented education. Rishikesh Kulkarni and Girish Doshi echoed these sentiments, applauding the students’ artistic talents and inviting Pune’s residents to indulge in the visual feast.

The festival promises a plethora of artistic delights, ranging from captivating paintings to mesmerizing performances and groundbreaking designs. With the support of MIT-ADT’s faculty members and esteemed guests, including Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr Anant Chakradeo and Registrar Dr Mahesh Chopde, ‘Kaari-2024’ aims to inspire and uplift both artists and art enthusiasts alike.

As the festival unfolds, visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in the world of creativity and imagination. Running until Saturday, April 20, the Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery will serve as a sanctuary for artistic expression, inviting everyone to experience the enchantment of ‘Kaari-2024.’