Kalyani Nagar residents troubled by non-functioning street lights

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Kalyani Nagar residents troubled by non-functioning street lights - Pune Pulse

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By: Pune Pulse

November 11, 2023 

Pune: Several residents of Kalyani Nagar are in distress as many street lights in the area are not working resulting in darkness & visibility issues for everyone.

As per further information from Kalyani Nagar residents, during heavy rains recently, an alarming concern has surfaced – the absence of functioning street lights along Central Avenue Road (Near Mamta Super Market). This oversight, exacerbated by the heavy rainfall, has created a hazardous scenario.

The combination of torrential rain and non-functional streetlights has threatened public safety and well-being. Some of the key drawbacks include:

· Limited Visibility – With the absence of adequate lighting, visibility on the roads is drastically reduced. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists find themselves navigating through near darkness, increasing the likelihood of accidents and collisions.

· Water Clogging – The rain has led to water logging in several areas, further complicating matters. Potholes and ditches, normally visible during daylight, become hidden traps, posing a significant risk to pedestrians and drivers.

· Increased Vulnerability to Crime – Poorly lit areas are often attractive to anti-social elements, making residents and commuters more susceptible to criminal activities. The lack of street lights along Central Avenue Road adds to the vulnerability of the community.

· Traffic Disruptions – The reduced visibility and water clogging contribute to traffic disruptions, potentially leading to long delays and increased frustration among commuters. 

The current scenario in Kalyani Nagar highlights the critical need for immediate action by the PMC. By addressing these issues promptly and implementing preventive measures, the PMC can ensure the safety and well-being of residents and create a more resilient infrastructure capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions. The municipality must take proactive steps to rectify the situation and foster a secure and thriving community for all.

Somnath Bankar, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, PMC Vadgaon Sheri Ward Office said, “We will check the issue & take appropriate steps for street lights functioning.”

Shreyas Vange