Kalyani Nagar residents urge Pune Traffic Police to install bollards to curb driving on footpaths 

Pune Pulse Kalyani Nagar residents urge Pune Traffic Police to install bollards to curb driving on footpaths 

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The Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar (TSKN) have requested the Pune Traffic Police, on behalf of Kalyani Nagar residents, to install bollards etc on footpaths in order to prevent two-wheelers & other vehicles to drive on footpaths.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Monica S, Resident of Kalyani Nagar & Member of TSKN group, said “As a long-time resident of Kalyani Nagar, I have witnessed the transformation of our neighbourhood into a vibrant community. However, the recent surge in two-wheelers, autos and cars encroaching on footpaths has become a disconcerting issue. We keep reporting it to the traffic department. The proposal to install bollards at strategic locations is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and is a permanent solution. Our footpaths should be sanctuaries for walkers, joggers, and families, free from the intrusion of motorized vehicles. I wholeheartedly support this initiative by Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar.”

As per further information from TSKN group, the volume of vehicular traffic through Kalyani Nagar has increased exponentially post Covid. It is often noticed that the two wheelers use the footpath to drive through when the traffic is slow or jammed. This has created an unsafe and dangerous situation for the pedestrians walking on the footpaths. There have been several near misses and heated arguments when the residents try to stop/educate the violators.

To resolve this issue, TSKN requests the Traffic Police to intervene and arrange to install bollards on the footpaths to prevent the two wheelers from using the footpath as driveway. TSKN has carried out a survey to spot the chronic points, where these bollards can be installed to prevent the use of the footpath by two wheelers. The list of locations is as follows:

1. East Avenue: at Godavari bungalow.

2. East Avenue: at the gate of Suman Business Centre.

3. East Avenue: at Fortaleza near IndusInd Bank.

4. Central Avenue: at Panache building.

5. Central Avenue: at Food Junction shop.

6. Central Avenue: at Bank of Baroda.

7. Central Avenue: at Lexicon School.

8. Agha Khan Bridge: On the pedestrian walkways at both ends.

Shreyas Vange