Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Kannur Man Embarks on One-Wheel Ride

Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Kannur Man Embarks on One-Wheel Ride

Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Kannur Man Embarks on One-Wheel Ride

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Cyclist aims to ride from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on a unique journey to set a world record and raise awareness

June 17, 2024

Cycling from Kanyakumari to Kashmir is a dream for many cyclists, with several accomplishing this remarkable feat each year. Saneed, a 23-year-old from Kannur in Kerala, is undertaking this journey in a unique manner—on a bicycle equipped with only one wheel.

In Mangaluru on Sunday, Saneed expressed his passion for performing stunts on bikes, inspired by his brothers Savad and Sajad, who are also stunt riders. Together, they form part of the stunt teams DBZ and RDX.

Saneed has set his sights on reaching Umling La, the world’s highest motorable road located at an altitude of 19,300 feet in Ladakh. “Riding to Umling La Pass is a dream of every biker. I aim to create a world record by traveling from Kerala to Kashmir on what we’ve named the All India Without Front Wheel Cycle Ride,” he said.

The journey is fraught with challenges. Riding for long stretches on a one-wheel cycle is extremely exhausting. Supported by friends who carry 60 kg each and ride alongside him, Saneed maintains an average speed of 40 km per day. “I have decided not to stop until I complete my ride,” he stated.

Saneed and his team set up tents and camp near petrol stations, though they often face difficulties as owners deny permission. They strategically avoid peak traffic hours. Everywhere they travel, their unique cycle garners curiosity. While facing sponsorship challenges in Kerala, they have secured sponsors from Mangaluru.

Saneed DB, from Sreekandapuram in Kannur, started his journey from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram on a bicycle without a front wheel to raise awareness against drug addiction and violence against women. The ride began on Saturday, and he aims to cover the 563 km distance in a month and a half.

Accompanied by friends KR Russell and KK Siddique on regular two-wheeled cycles, Saneed arrived in Kozhikode yesterday. His friends pave the way in busy areas, and the group starts their journey in the morning, stopping around 7 pm each day. Despite minor difficulties, including a minor bicycle damage, they remain undeterred.

“The trip is also to change the misconception that stunt riders are drug addicts. When I started stunting, many tried to stop me. Now, they all support me. Stunt riding should be recognized as a sport,” Saneed emphasized.

Saneed, the fifth of six children to Muhammad and Zubaidah, is a civil engineer and interior designer. He has experience in unicycle riding and acted as a stunt double for Kalyani Priyadarshan in the movie, Thallumala.