Kerala University Denies Permission for Sunny Leone’s Performance

Kerala University Denies Permission for Sunny Leone's Performance

Kerala University Denies Permission for Sunny Leone's Performance

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The University of Kerala has declined permission for Bollywood actor Sunny Leone’s planned performance at its engineering campus. 

The event was part of the tech fest organized by the students union, scheduled for July 5. University Vice-Chancellor Mohanan Kunnummal cited an existing directive from the Higher Education Department that prohibits the performance of “outside bands” on campus as the reason for the denial.

Kunnummal explained that the decision was influenced by a recent stampede incident at the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) campus, which led to stricter regulations on campus events. “After the recent stampede incident at the CUSAT campus, there is an existing direction banning performances by outside bands on the campuses,” he told a News Agency. 

The Vice-Chancellor also noted that there is a regulation against collecting money from external sources for campus events, emphasizing that the engineering campus, with only around 300 students, would require substantial funds to host a Bollywood celebrity.

The Vice-Chancellor became aware of the planned event after seeing a promotional poster. Since the campus falls under Kerala University, official permission from the university’s Registrar is necessary for such events, which had not been sought, according to university sources.

The heightened regulations come in the wake of a tragic stampede in November 2023 at a concert at CUSAT in Kerala’s Ernakulam district. The incident, which occurred during a music concert led by Nikhita Gandhi in an open-air auditorium, resulted in the deaths of four students and left over 60 injured. This tragedy prompted the university to enforce stricter guidelines on campus events to ensure safety.

Despite the university’s decision, Sunny Leone remains immensely popular in Kerala. She often attracts large crowds during her visits to the state. Currently, Sunny has started shooting for her debut Malayalam film and shared a video of the muhurat puja on Instagram. In addition to this project, she will also appear in the film ‘Quotation Gang.’