Lavani programme amid silent zone in Aundh raises concerns among residents, leaves patients restless

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Pune: Locals alleged that a Lavani programme of the famous Lavani dancer Gautami Patil was illegally organised in the silent zone area of AiMS hospital in Aundh on 17 May.

The program, organized by the ‘Aundhgaon Vishvast Mandal,’ attracted thousands of Lavani fans. Concerns have been raised regarding the police’s decision to permit the event next to a hospital, violating the designated silent zone.

Silent zones, typically encompassing a 500-meter radius around hospitals, are meant to minimize noise disturbance. Residents of Aundh claim that the event organizers disregarded this silent zone by playing songs at excessive volumes, exceeding the permissible decibel limits. This not only endangered the lives of patients but also disrupted the hospital’s routine. The event’s noise pollution was further intensified by the honking of vehicles, which is prohibited in silent zones.

Despite the controversy, the Pune Police maintain that the event was granted permission after a thorough investigation and verification, following a request from the Aundhgaon Board of Trustees. According to them, the program proceeded smoothly without any issues. However, the public is concerned about the event’s violation of noise pollution regulations and the potential harm caused to hospitalized patients.

The event organizers blatantly disregarded noise pollution norms, considering the event’s close proximity to AiMS Hospital, which is merely 200 meters away. The loud music, combined with the enthusiastic cheers and shouts from the crowd, disturbed the peace. Additionally, the use of firecrackers emitted hazardous smoke, posing a threat to the health of patients undergoing treatment at AiMS Hospital.