Legal Metrology dept takes action against 619 establishments for violating rules

Pune: The Legal Metrology department has taken strict action against establishments violating rules in the Pune district. In the action, a fine of ₹ 32,60,700 has been deposited to the government through punitive action against 619 establishments in the year 2022-23.

As part of a special inspection campaign, the Legal Metrology department conducted checks on chicken and mutton selling establishments. Out of the 100 establishments inspected, 60 were found guilty of violating rules and penal action was taken against them. The violations included not having information on the included items, falsifying the original printed price, selling items at a higher price than the printed price, and not having a weighing machine available with the delivery boy delivering the gas cylinder.

“Consumers who come across any such violations while purchasing goods from various vendors can report it by calling the Control Room Telephone Number 022-22622022, 020-26137114 and or WhatsApp on 9869691666 or E-mail at mail,” appealed Shastra Sanjeev Kaware, Assistant Controller, Legal Metrology department. 

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