Lizard Found in School Lunch Causes Panic Among Students

Lizard Found in School Lunch Causes Panic Among Students

Lizard Found in School Lunch Causes Panic Among Students ( Representational image )

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About 30 students from Kamaraj Memorial English High and Junior College in Dharavi had to go to a private clinic in Sion after a shocking discovery during lunchtime. A lizard was found in one of the food plates!

The school did not prepare the lunch provided to the students. Instead, a nearby hotel called JP Hotel provided lunch. A representative from the Shahu Nagar police department clarified that parents who were unable to prepare breakfast or lunch for their children arranged for JP Hotel to provide lunch daily. The food served was typically South Indian cuisine, such as Idli and Sambhar.

On that Wednesday, while the children were having their lunch, a student noticed something unusual—a lizard in the Sambhar. This scared the student so much that they started throwing up by putting their fingers down their throat. Other kids, seeing this, started throwing up too. These students were in classes 5 and 6.

Following the safety protocol, the children were taken to Ayush Clinic nearby for tests related to food poisoning. An official stated, “The hospital confirmed that none of the children had food poisoning. So, they were all sent back home with their parents.”

“The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) collected samples of the food for examination,” mentioned DCP Tejaswi Satpute from Zone 5. “Once the reports are ready, we’ll decide our next steps. So far, no parents have contacted us or filed any cases.”

A senior FDA official assured that they’ve gathered samples and sent them to the lab for testing. They are investigating the matter thoroughly.

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