Love & embrace your natural hair

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Curly, ghosla and jhadu are few such weird words which a curly hair girl always listens to, while growing up. Right from childhood where the hair is oiled and put in braids to teenage where one falls in the trap of chemical treatments offered by salons.

In India till today silky straight hair is considered to be a sign of beauty as compared to frizzy or curly hair. 

Zeba Siddiqui, a Hair Care Blogger from Pune shares her ordeal of living with curly hair and how she has dealth with it. 

Zeba Siddiqui

I too have been a victim of hair abuse for a good long more than 30 years. I did all from straightening to smoothening to look better but ultimately ended up with  damaged hair. That’s when in  2018 I learnt  about Curly Girl Method (CGM) which changed my perspective towards curly hair, that was the turning point for me & my hair .I followed it religiously & my hair bounced back.

CGM is nothing but ditching your chemical laden products and adopting a more natural way to embrace your hair. CGM can be followed by all hair types( straight,curly or wavy) & all age groups.

I have done a lot of research & experiments for the last 2 years & now I have come up with my own DIYs for hair. Over the years I  have realised that natural ingredients are best for your hair.

So,  why splurge money on salons?  Rather utilise what’s there in your kitchen.

Zeba Siddiqui

Include chemical free shampoos & conditioners which are free from silicones, sulphates, parabens  in your hair care routine. One has to be consistent with the routine you follow. CGM are the guidelines, you have to do trials and errors to understand your hair & see what suits you best!!

I am a hair care blogger and give tips and advice on how to manage hair in a natural way.

Here’s one of my favourite diy for all hair types which will give you soft, moisturised & hydrated hair.

Leafy Deep Conditioner –

  • Take a few hibiscus, curry & basil or tulsi leaves.
  • Grind everything with a few drops of water.
  • Add 1 tbsp besan n few drops of lemon.
  • Apply the paste on shampooed hair & leave for 20 minutes .Wash it with water, apply conditioner & style – you are all set to flaunt your hair!

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