Maha Metro & PMC planning to solve parking issues at metro stations in Pune

Pune Pulse
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By: Pune Pulse

August 23, 2023

Pune: Since the route of Vanaz-Ramwadi metro line has been adjusted, the lack of parking near metro stations has been a point of concern. To resolve this, a joint committee will be set up consisting of officials from Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC) and MahaMetro.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Dr Hemant Sonawane, Executive Director Public Relations And Administration, Pune Metro, said “Maha Metro is in talks with the PMC regarding making parking space available for people. However, our real objective is for people to come to metro stations without a vehicle. Hence, we have started feeder bus services in Pune. But, if people want enough parking spaces on Metro stations, we will definitely ponder upon it.”

As per information, the representatives of the PMC and the Maha Metro have discussed the pressing issue of the lack of parking spaces near the metro stations which has been causing problems for commuters.

In order to protect the heritage of the Aga Khan Palace which is a protected heritage site, the route of the metro had to be changed. The route of the metro, which initially went through the Yerwada side of the Metro Line, was now diverted through the riverbed towards the Municipal Corporation.

The route of the metro was now diverted through Kalyaninagar in the direction of Nagar Road, from where it returned to Nagar Road near Ramwadi. The coarse adjustment also led to changes in the location of the metro stations.

The metro service has already started between Vanaz metro station and Ruby Hall Clinic. However, adequate parking space is not available there currently.

Hence, a committee will be set up with two officials each from Pune Municipal Corporation & Maha Metro to lead this initiative. 

Shreyas Vange