Maharashtra : Results of practical & oral board marks to go online

Pune : Extra time to be allotted for answer sheet review after each board paper

Pune : Extra time to be allotted for answer sheet review after each board paper

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An online system has been implemented by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education to document the results of state board students’ oral and practical examinations.

The previous procedure, in which different departments would submit handwritten grades to the board headquarters, was discontinued. With the new system, educators would be able to log each student’s grades on the state board website. It would facilitate the timely announcement of board results and speed up the mark computation process.

According to a senior Maharashtra State Board official, marks were previously registered by scanning the OMR sheets. The maker and checker process was introduced this year. The principal will cross-check teacher marks and enter them into the online portal.

The official went on to say that some schools that have partnerships with coaching centers for integrated admissions would commit fewer malpractices as a result of the system.

Subject teachers, principals of the school, independent assessors, and other educators would all grade the practicals. Everybody was required to document their grades, which the principal would then cross-check and submit online.

The official added that marks cannot be altered once they have been posted online. Schools will need to maintain a record of the grades given to students in the building and submit a copy of the results to the divisional office. The new system will automatically result in a reduction of the time consumed. 

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