Maharashtra State Allocates Rs 140 Crore To Expedite Katraj-Kondhwa Road Widening Project

Maharashtra State Allocates Rs 140 Crore To Expedite Katraj-Kondhwa Road Widening Project

Maharashtra State Allocates Rs 140 Crore To Expedite Katraj-Kondhwa Road Widening Project

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In a significant boost to infrastructure development in Pune, the state government has allocated Rs 140 crore to expedite the long-pending Katraj-Kondhwa Road widening project. This allocation follows earlier approvals totaling Rs 200 crore, of which the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has already utilized Rs 48 crore.

The Katraj-Kondhwa Road, crucial for connecting Rajas Society, Khadi Machine Chowk, and Pisoli, has faced persistent delays, much to the frustration of commuters. Originally scheduled for completion by March 2025, the project encountered hurdles primarily due to challenges in land acquisition, with most landowners preferring cash compensation over alternative settlements.

PMC officials disclosed that they currently possess 1.60 lakh sqm of the required 2.88 lakh sqm of land, with efforts ongoing to secure the remaining plots. To facilitate smoother acquisition, PMC has appealed to major landowners and developers to contribute through transfer development rights (TDR), while smaller property owners are assured of cash compensation.

“The road’s width has been reduced to 50m from an initial 84m due to land availability constraints,” explained a PMC official. Despite these challenges, significant progress has been made in laying service lines along half of the road, with construction of an underpass and flyover already underway.

The delay has not only inconvenienced commuters but also exacerbated traffic congestion, worsened by the incomplete Katraj flyover and encroachments by illegal autorickshaw stands and shops along the route.

Yogesh Tilekar, former MLA of Hadapsar, reflected on the lengthy journey towards advancing the Katraj-Kondhwa Road project, stating, “This is my 25 years of struggle. I took numerous initiatives to push forward this road’s development, but encountered challenges when people insisted on cash compensation, which was not feasible. It was then that I approached Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis, and now we see the outcome. The road’s progress is a testament to the protests by citizens and elected members alike.”

Tilekar highlighted that the project had stagnated due to financial constraints, despite announcements made subsequently. “The actual allocation of funds came through under the previous government after my proposal,” he added, emphasizing the collaborative effort that finally culminated in securing the necessary resources for the project’s advancement.

With the fresh funding injection, authorities are optimistic about overcoming remaining challenges and accelerating construction efforts. Citizens and commuters alike anticipate improved traffic flow and reduced congestion upon the project’s completion, underscoring the critical need for timely infrastructure development in Pune.

The state’s commitment to resolving funding bottlenecks marks a pivotal step towards realizing the long-awaited transformation of the Katraj-Kondhwa Road, promising enhanced connectivity and smoother travel experiences for all stakeholders.