Man requested Blinkit to drop him off at his girlfriend’s house with a Valentine’s Day gift; CEO replied.

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In a humorous yet unconventional Valentine’s Day incident, a Blinkit user named Manoj made an amusing request to have the delivery executive drop him at his girlfriend’s house along with the Valentine’s Day gift. 

The CEO of Blinkit, Albinder Dhindsa, shared a screengrab of the chat between Manoj and Blinkit support, leading to widespread amusement on the internet.

The post, quickly going viral on social media, garnered over 2 lakh views. In the conversation, Manoj explained that his girlfriend’s parents were not allowing her to step out on Valentine’s Day, prompting him to make this unique request. Albinder Dhindsa playfully commented on the situation stating, “India is clearly not for beginners.”

Social media users expressed sympathy for Manoj and urged Blinkit to fulfill his request on the special occasion. Some even suggested hiring him as a delivery executive for a day. 

However, skeptics raised doubts about the authenticity of the chat, pointing to the time stamp, which indicated that the entire conversation took place within just one minute.

While the internet enjoys the lighthearted moment, the incident showcases the humorous and unexpected encounters that can unfold in the world of hyper-local delivery services. 

Blinkit, India’s purported largest hyper-local delivery company, continues to provide essential services, including groceries, fruits, and vegetables, through its mobile application and web platform.

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