Man’s mathematical analysis of food menu goes viral; grabs Swiggy’s attention

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A viral Instagram video showcasing a humorous mathematical analysis of food menu prices catches the attention of Swiggy, sparking laughter and confusion among viewers.

A recent Instagram video has captured the attention of social media users, featuring a comical mathematical analysis of food menu prices at a restaurant. The video, shared by the Instagram handle @thetrickysingh, portrays a person questioning the pricing of two food items – pav bhaji and puri bhaji – and injecting humour through mathematical reasoning.

In the video, the individual points out the price disparity between pav bhaji priced at ₹90 and puri bhaji priced at ₹100. He humorously suggests that if one divides the cost of puri bhaji by four, it would equate to the price of pav bhaji, leading to the conclusion that the latter should be priced at ₹25. This playful mathematical interpretation of menu prices has elicited mixed reactions from viewers.

Since its upload, the video has garnered significant engagement, amassing 1 million views, 20.0k likes, and numerous comments. While some viewers quickly grasped the joke and appreciated its cleverness, others found themselves puzzled by its complexity.

Commentators shared their reactions, with some expressing amusement at the high IQ humour while others admitted to struggling to understand the joke initially. 

Some users provided explanations for those who may have missed the punchline, highlighting the play on words between “puri” (full) and “pav” (1/4). Additionally, there were speculations about the comprehension level of different generations, with some suggesting that younger individuals might not grasp the humour due to its mathematical nature.

As the video continues to circulate on social media platforms, it has garnered attention from Swiggy, indicating the widespread impact of the humorous mathematical analysis on food menu prices.

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