Overcrowded Starbucks store in Varanasi goes viral, sparks mixed reactions

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Despite initial doubts about the popularity of Starbucks in smaller towns, the video depicts a significant queue of people eager to enter the coffee house and place their orders.

The recent opening of a Starbucks store in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, has stirred up social media, with a viral video showcasing the overwhelming crowd outside the coffee house. Despite initial skepticism about the success of Starbucks in smaller towns like Varanasi, the video depicts a bustling scene of people eagerly awaiting their turn to experience the renowned coffee chain.

Shared on X by user Aaraynsh, the video captures the essence of the excitement surrounding the new Starbucks store in Varanasi. 

In the caption, the user humorously juxtaposes the earlier doubts about Starbucks’ success with the current reality, highlighting the significant crowd gathered outside the coffee house.

The video shared on March 29, has garnered close to seven lakh views and over 3,500 likes, indicating the widespread interest and engagement it has generated among netizens. However, the post also elicited mixed reactions from viewers, reflecting varying opinions about the coffee chain’s popularity in small towns.

While some individuals expressed optimism about the long-term success of Starbucks in Varanasi, attributing the initial crowd to the novelty factor and social media hype, others remained skeptical, citing past experiences with similar openings in larger cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

One user noted that the crowded scene could be attributed to the opening ceremony and predicted that the hype would eventually subside. 

“Honestly speaking, it’s only a new thing in this city. Once the hype goes down, only a handful will come there. Having tasted coffee in all cafes big and small, I can say that homemade coffee is best,” commented a third.

“Pretty cool, but it’s a brand bubble effect, just like how people flock to McDonald’s and KFC. The coffee at Starbucks sucks. Had a local boutique cafe opened up serving the finest coffee, gaining this much traction for the same price would be difficult.”

Another user drew parallels with previous cafe openings in metropolitan cities, suggesting that the initial excitement might fade over time.

Overall, the viral video of the overcrowded Starbucks in Varanasi has sparked a lively debate on social media, reflecting the diverse perspectives on the coffee chain’s expansion into smaller towns and its potential impact on local coffee culture.

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