Maratha community survey: PMC allocates more people

Maratha community survey: PMC allocates more people

Maratha community survey: PMC allocates more people

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has sent out over 1,000 additional people to undertake a survey on the backwardness of the Maratha community in Pune City. 

The administration has accelerated the survey to find out the socio-economic status of the Maratha community in urban and rural areas following the Manoj Jarange-led Maratha protest.

PMC officials said that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde is personally keeping an eye on the situation and the PMC staff is working nonstop.

The Maharashtra State Backward Class Commission has requested more personnel from the local organizations to conduct the survey in both rural and urban areas. The directive was issued by PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar, who sent out 1,070 more workers to conduct the survey.

These workers are also receiving training from the PMC. The civic body had previously assigned about 5,000 workers to this task. The PMC has added more personnel to conduct the survey for the second time.

A PMC official said that earlier, the target of 75 to 80 homes was given to each employee, but due to various reasons, hardly 45 to 50 homes are getting covered in a day.

Another PMC official said that the security guards in big housing societies are not letting them enter the societies. The employees are being asked by the security guards to talk to the office bearers of the society and ask for permission to meet other society members. 

Regarding this, a formal letter has been requested by certain housing societies. Most of the time is spent explaining to people what the survey is about and why the government wishes to carry out the survey.

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