Mechanical Dept of Central Railway marks innovation, safety, saving of resources in its remarkable achievement in May 2023

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Safety, Innovation, Saving of Resources was the hallmark of Mechanical Department of Central Railway during the month of May.
135 power cars have been provided with fire detection and suppression systems till date, during May three more power cars have been fitted with fire detection and suppression systems and balance 8 power cars will be completed during the month of June 2023.

Railway technical staff & officials display commendable integrity, devotion to duty, which is elucidated in outurn of 204 coaches from Matunga Workshop accomplishing the feat of highest ever outurn in the history of Matunga Workshop.

For the first time Parel Workshop has delivered an outurn of 50 main line coaches, It includes SSII/III of 15 LHB coaches, SS1 of 16 LHB-LVPH coaches, conversion of 10 ICF coaches into NMGHS, POH of 6 ICF PCV coaches, POH of 6 ICF PCV coaches, POH of 1 ICF OCV and POH of 2 NMG coaches.

At Ajni ROH depot of Nagpur Division, ROH of 75 wagons was done in the month of May, which is highest ever ROH out turn in a single month in the history of Ajni Depot.

Operational efficiency for run of regular Head on Generation (HOG) trains for the month of May 2023 stood at 85.41% resulting in savings of approximately Rs. 10.88 crores.

Innovation leading to efficiency, safety and saving.
Reflecting Innovation is the key, the EMU fan shop of Matunga Workshop has developed facility of cleaning of fan guards & blades of Carriage Fans. This will save manhours on fan guard & blade cleaning and will improve productivity in Fan section. At at time, 50 set of top & bottom portion of guards and 50 nos of blades cleaning can be done. The cleaning tank is fed with pressurized air and de-greasing chemical for cleaning of blades and guards.

Kalva Car shed has developed a testing panel for ensuring functioning of the Auxiliary motors and safety devices of the Main Transformer. This testing panel is developed by using released material of the rakes which saves railway funds. Motor protection switches (MPS) having same current ratings to that of the rake used, so that healthiness of all auxiliary motor can be ensured before putting the main transformer into service, Visual indications are provided in the panel for all auxiliary motors and safety devices so that any defects can be identified easily as well as healthiness of all cables and LTT junction box of main transformer can be ensured This innovative work will reduce failure of Main Transformer Auxiliary.

Thus the month of May was a month of efficiency, safety and saving of resources & manhours for Mechanical Department of Central Railway.