Mega tree plantation drive held by residents of Nyati Windchimes & Chesterfield

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On Sunday 13 June 2021, nature lovers from Nyati Windchimes and Nyati Chesterfield came together for a mega tree plantation drive. Over four hundred residents participated in planting as many as 2100 + saplings near Nyati Windchimes. Major attraction of today’s show was colossal participation by young children and the visiting walkers !

The drive wouldn’t have been successful without the residents who generously supported the event.

The magnanimous donors are:
Maj.Gen. Oak, Capt. Prateek Pawar, Rita Kamal Jhangiani, Lt.Gen. Jog, Arup Gupta, Yezdi Doctor, Lt.Gen. Rajendra Nimbhorkar, Vellari Goel, Vinita Dinesh Poudyal, Rohit Tiwari, M/S New Mart, Ranjan Pande & Friends, Dr. Manoj Singh, Neena Deepak, Kunal Doshi, Janki Raman, Kaavya Gupta, Kiana Khante, Abhay Chhabra, Reddy Garu (All Windchimes).

Ravi Dasani, presently at Bangkok for last thirty-five years has not only contributed graciously but also motivated few of his friends at Bangkok to contribute for this noble cause.

A resident shared, “We all heard about Karna of the Dwapar Yuga. But we had one now in Kal Yuga too! Devraj Khare of Koregaon park, Pune, in the fond memory of his beloved ones, contributed immensely for the second year in succession. Participation of Chesterfield members added strength to the efforts of individuals of Windchimes in making a success of this drive.
Those who contributed include: Maj.Gen. I J S Hundal, Cmdr. SPS Duggal, Dr. Vijay Mehta, Hussein Shariyaar, Leo Neronha, Alok Saxena, Dipesh Kotecha, Paresh Bhavsar, Sudhanshu (Nyati Iris). Garden maintenance contractor Rafiq and his team were the real working hands behind the exercise.

Harish Shroff has been a mainstay supporter for the project. For today’s programme the photography was sponsored by Nyati.”

With all this the Miyawaki Forest is now standing strong with 5500 Trees!!!
Kaushal Gupta, Sunil Aiyer and Shyam Khante thanked all those who contributed in making this program a huge success and moreover adding to the green cover of the area.

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