MLA Ashwini Jagtap demands cancellation of mechanical road cleaning contract

Pune Pulse

Pimpri: To hire a specific contractor to use road sweepers to mechanically clean the city’s roadways, the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation undertook a tender process. As a result, this tender has received less interest, whereas the tender process must have a competitiveness to attract more contractors. The municipal corporation will suffer a loss of Rs 59 crores as a result of this tender over the course of seven years. Since this procurement involves using public funds, MLA Ashwini Laxman Jagtap has asked Municipal Commissioner Shekhar Singh to revoke it and replace it with a competitive one that will attract many contractors.

In this regard, MLA Ashwini Laxman Jagtap stated in a letter to Municipal Commissioner Shekhar Singh that “A new condition has been added to the tender following the release of the tender for the work of cleaning the city roads. The experience requirement of owning two nos. of road sweepers was therefore freshly added to the tender. For this project, the Municipal Corporation had already issued many similar tenders. However, in order to further their own financial interests, some Municipal Corporation officials are targetting a favored contractor.”

At that time, there were 33 tenders total. However, a lot of bidders have been rejected because of onerous criteria that were later added. They are not permitted to take part in this tender. Due to this, it appears that only four contractors working for the government have qualified for this procurement. Therefore, it is possible that the municipal corporation may lose Rs 59 crore as a result of this tender over the course of seven years. By using arbitrary administration, it is vital to stop the city’s regular residents from wasting their hard-earned money in this manner. We must therefore demand cancellation of this tender and issue a new, transparent, and competitive one, stated Jagtap.

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