NIBM Road corporator installs 14 CCTV cameras at Raheja Vista chowk

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Prabhag 26 Nibm Kausarbaugh Mohamadwadi corporator Pramod Bhangire on August 15, 2021 inaugurated the project of 14 CCTV surveillance systems installed at Raheja Vista Chowk, Ganga Florentina, Elina Living chowk and other adjoining areas installed for the safety of the citizens living in the neighbourhood.

Speaking about the project, Bhangire said, “In my meeting with the residents previously they had complained to me about the menace caused by the youngsters in the area. Also, some burglaries in the past had shaken the residents. They had demanded a CCTV surveillance system to track the violators. Hence, I promised them to install CCTV cameras wherever they informed me. This is all being done through my personal expenses. I am happy that I could work as suggested by them. I feel as a Corporator we shall all do projects that the citizens need. This is one of them.” 

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These CCTV surveillance systems are installed at various junctions where youngsters often cause nuisance. Anandvan Parisar Residents Forum members, societies ahead of Cloud 9 in their meeting held about a month ago had apprised Pramod Nana Bhangire and urged him to tackle the issue. Nitin Bokey, president and Tara Singh, secretary of Anandvan Parisar Residents Association had informed Bhangire to safeguard the citizens living in the area. They were assured of installing CCTV surveillance systems. 

“These systems shall also be connected shortly with Kondhwa Police station and to a couple of societies,” Bhangire added. 

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