MSRTC to run 20 air-conditioned electric buses from Mumbai to Nashik. Check details

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The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRTC) is enhancing travel experiences with its modernized fleet, now featuring advanced technology. The new 34-seater electric bus will run from Mumbai to Nashik, offering affordable fares for travellers. Passengers on this route will benefit from a Rs 405 fare from Borivali and a reduced fare of Rs 340 from Thane. 

Notably, the bus incorporates a 50 per cent discount for women, citizens between 65 to 75 years, and a full 100 per cent discount for Amrit senior citizens aged above 75 years.

The recent bold decision to acquire 5150 electric buses signifies a significant step towards sustainable and efficient transportation. The electric buses will operate on various routes, including the Borivali-Thane-Nashik route, reducing travel time and enhancing convenience for passengers.

One of the remarkable features of these electric buses is their quick charging capability. The battery, which provides a range of about 200 km, can be fully charged in just two hours, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solution. 

You can visit the website for a ticket on the ST Borivali- Thane- Nashik route. Otherwise, you can also book tickets from MSRTC’s mobile reservation app. 

The initiative aligns with the state government’s efforts to improve connectivity and accessibility, making even seemingly distant places more accessible to travellers.

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