Mumbai News : Man loses Rs 50,000 in E-Challan scam without sharing bank OTP

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A 41-year-old man from Thane has reported a disturbing incident where his father became a victim of an online scam, losing Rs 50,000 in the process. The scam involved settling an e-challan fine through a designated app called Vahan Parivahan.

The victim, who operates an auto-rickshaw in Ghatkopar, received a text message allegedly from the Panvel Traffic Police, notifying him of a traffic violation and instructing him to settle the fine via the Vahan Parivahan app. 

Facing difficulties with the app, he sought his son’s help, who proceeded to download it on his device. However, what seemed like a routine verification process turned into a nightmare as the son’s bank account was swiftly drained of Rs 50,000. Upon installing the app, the son received numerous OTPs on his phone, indicating suspicious activity. Although he promptly uninstalled the app, the damage had been done.

Realizing they had fallen prey to a sophisticated scam, the son wasted no time in reporting the incident to the authorities. A formal complaint was filed, prompting the police to launch an investigation under relevant sections of the Information Technology Act.

To prevent such scams, users are urged to exercise caution when responding to unknown messages or downloading unfamiliar apps. Verifying the authenticity of communications from official sources and refraining from sharing personal or financial information without thorough verification is crucial to avoid falling victim to such fraudulent schemes. Always verify the status of challans or other official matters through trusted sources.

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