Watch Alert: Exercise Caution When Carrying Cash During Elections, Tourists face action

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Election officials in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris district seized Rs 69,400 cash from a Punjab-based family. In a viral video, a woman was seen breaking down and pleading with officials to return the money. Later, the tourists got back their money.

Tamil nadu: Recently a couple faced action for carrying cash above the prescribed limit, without supporting documents during the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) period ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. The Election Commission (EC) has rolled out stringent directives concerning the movement of cash and other valuables during the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) period. 

Watch Video Tourists face action for carrying cash above prescribed limit, without supporting documents:

The Election Commission has advised people to not carry more than Rs 50,000 in cash without supporting documents. Unaccounted cash over the specified amount will be confiscated by authorities. – Cash seizures of over Rs 10 lakh will be referred to the Income Tax Department (IT)

Here’s a breakdown of the key guidelines to follow:

Surveillance and Vigilance:

– The EC instructs various law enforcement agencies to maintain a robust vigil on the transportation of cash, liquor, jewellery, drugs, and other items that could sway voters.

– Special surveillance teams, including static surveillance teams (SST) and flying squads, are deployed with the necessary equipment to monitor and curb illicit activities.

Checkposts and Monitoring Mechanisms:

– Checkposts are strategically set up along highways to scrutinize vehicles for any illegal transportation of cash or goods, with the entire process being recorded on video.

– The location of these checkposts is frequently rotated to prevent predictability and ensure effective enforcement.

Guidelines for Carrying Cash and Goods:

– Individuals found carrying cash exceeding Rs. 10 lakh or 1 kg in bullion must be promptly reported to the Income Tax Department for thorough verification.

– Any vehicle transporting a candidate, agent, or party worker with cash exceeding Rs. 50,000 or illicit items valued over Rs. 10,000 will face immediate seizure of the cash or goods.

Seizure Protocols and Follow-Up Actions:

– Seized cash or items not linked to any candidate or crime are to be returned promptly, with the seized amount deposited according to court directives.

– A dedicated district-level committee is tasked with addressing grievances and ensuring swift action for the return of seized items unrelated to election campaigns.

As responsible citizens, it is paramount to adhere to the EC’s guidelines to uphold the sanctity of the electoral process. By exercising caution and reporting any suspicious activities, we contribute to maintaining the integrity of democratic elections.

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