Mumbai resident exposes fraudulent practices at petrol pump on social media

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In the bustling city of Mumbai, where residents already face numerous challenges in their daily lives, a new issue has come to light about fraudulent practices at petrol pumps.

These deceptive practices have left many feeling cheated and frustrated, adding to the complexities of urban life.

How can I take action against these scammers?
byu/rdias002 inmumbai

A concerned citizen took to social media, specifically Reddit, to raise awareness about a potential scam at a petrol pump located in Goregaon East along the Western Express Highway. The user sought advice on how to take action against the alleged scammers, stating that the petrol pump had removed printers from all their machines, enabling them to deceive customers in various ways.

Another user responded to the post, shedding light on the modus operandi of the scam. According to the user, the scammers typically ask customers to check the meter before filling up their vehicle. However, while the customer is distracted with the payment process, another individual removes the nozzle prematurely, making it appear as though the requested quantity of fuel has been dispensed. Meanwhile, the machine’s amount is altered for the next customer, resulting in the previous customer receiving less fuel than they paid for.

To combat this fraudulent activity, the user suggested a practical solution: always ask for a receipt from the machine. Since the petrol pump in question had removed its printers, customers could request to see the transaction history on the machine itself. By doing so, customers can verify that they have received the correct amount of fuel for their payment and avoid falling victim to the scam.

Users reactions, on Post:

“They are a well-known scammer. I have gone there many times and they have always tried to distract me but I do death stare at their meter and pay them later. They have been doing this for years!!”

A user shared their experience at the same petrol pump, stating: “Happened to me once at the same petrol pump. I drove up my car and parked for filling up the tank. Some guy came upto me for getting my car lights cleaned and they started up filling up fuel without telling me my counter and within 20 secs the meter was showing 700rs. I had a fight with him but all the other people working at the pump started ganging up on me.”

An Andheri West petrol pump near Star Bazaar has been accused of scamming customers, according to a user

This social media post serves as a reminder for residents to remain vigilant and informed about potential scams, ensuring that they are not taken advantage of while going about their daily routines.