Nashik Fire News: Fire Breaks Out at Factory in Sinnar Industrial Area

Nashik Fire News: Fire Breaks Out at Factory in Sinnar Industrial Area

Nashik Fire News: Fire Breaks Out at Factory in Sinnar Industrial Area

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Nashik , In a significant incident today (February 2), a fierce fire broke out at the Adima Private Limited factory in the Sinnar taluka’s Musalgaon area. The factory, which has witnessed explosions, has led to the activation of firefighting measures by the Sinnar Municipal Council and the MIDC police.

The fire has resulted in extensive damage to the entire MIDC premises, with visuals showing thick smoke spreading across the Sinnar taluka. The exact cause of the fire is yet to be determined due to the ongoing firefighting efforts. The Sinnar Municipal Council and MIDC police, along with firefighting teams, have swiftly responded to the scene, and fire tenders are actively engaged in controlling the blaze.

As per preliminary information, around 50 to 60 workers were present in the factory when the fire broke out. However, details about injuries or casualties are not yet available. The intensity of the fire is such that the flames are visible from a distance of 10 to 15 kilometers. The safety of the workers and controlling the fire are the primary focus of the ongoing rescue operations.

The Chairman of Sinnar Taluka Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mr. Namakarana Aware, and the administrative officials, including Mr. Kamalakar Pote and MIDC Police Inspector Yashwant Baviskar, are closely monitoring the situation on the ground. Firefighting efforts are underway, with an emphasis on bringing the fire under control and preventing any further escalation.

The incident occurred at the Adima Organic Chemical manufacturing company situated on the Sinnar Nashik Fast Track. As a precautionary measure, information has been shared with the concerned authorities, and residents have been advised to remain vigilant. Further investigations will be conducted to ascertain the cause of the fire and evaluate the extent of the damage caused by this unfortunate incident.

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