NCERT Issues Warning Against Piracy of School Syllabus Books

NCERT Issues Warning Against Piracy of School Syllabus Books

NCERT Issues Warning Against Piracy of School Syllabus Books

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The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has sounded an alarm regarding the rampant piracy of school syllabus books. These educational materials, meticulously crafted by NCERT, have been unlawfully reproduced by private publishers without obtaining proper authorization.

As the apex body advising the central government on matters of school education, NCERT has expressed grave concern over the unauthorized replication of their textbooks. They emphasized that any commercial utilization of NCERT books without prior permission constitutes a violation of the Copyright Act of 1957.

Furthermore, NCERT highlighted the potential hazards associated with counterfeit textbooks circulating in the market. They cautioned that such illicitly reproduced materials may contain inaccuracies and fail to meet the standards set forth by the National Curriculum Framework 2023.

NCERT has issued a stern advisory to parents and students, urging them to refrain from purchasing these fake books. The proliferation of pirated textbooks not only jeopardizes the integrity of educational resources but also undermines efforts to uphold quality standards in education.

In an effort to combat this pervasive issue, NCERT implored individuals and organizations to desist from engaging in such illicit activities and to promptly report any instances of piracy they encounter.

It is imperative for students and parents to exercise caution when procuring study materials and ensure that they acquire genuine NCERT publications. By lending support to legitimate sources, they play a vital role in upholding the integrity of educational materials and adhering to the principles outlined in the National Curriculum Framework.

In the event of observing any instances of piracy, NCERT has requested people to report such incidents via email at [email protected]. This proactive measure is aimed at curtailing the circulation of counterfeit textbooks and safeguarding the educational interests of students nationwide.