‘Nehle pe Dehla’: Redditor threatens scammer with Black Magic; internet in splits

'Nehle pe Dehla': Redditor threatens scammer with Black Magic; internet in splits

'Nehle pe Dehla': Redditor threatens scammer with Black Magic; internet in splits

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Reddit user hilariously turns the tables on a scammer, leaving the internet in stitches with a creative and spooky response.

June 26, 2024

Scams have become exceedingly common in today’s digital age, with scammers often luring unsuspecting victims through social media messages promising easy money. While some individuals recognize the danger and steer clear, others might either fall for the scam or engage with the scammers for amusement. A recent incident shared by a Reddit user, “Unfair-Manager-458,” has left many in stitches due to its hilarious twist.

The interaction began with the scammer assigning a task to the Redditor, promising ₹1,500 upon completion. As the scammer attempted to reel in their victim with more tasks and the lure of additional money, “Unfair-Manager-458” cleverly flipped the script. They demanded payment upfront for the pending tasks. When the money was not forthcoming, they resorted to a unique form of retaliation: threatening the scammer with black magic.

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To add a touch of authenticity, “Unfair-Manager-458” sent images related to black magic and warned the scammer that their failure to pay would result in severe consequences, such as hair loss or even turning into a lizard. This unexpected turn of events caught the scammer off guard and provided a comedic twist to the typical scam narrative.

The post, shared on June 23, has since garnered nearly 600 upvotes, with the number steadily climbing. It has also attracted numerous comments from amused Reddit users.

Reactions from the Reddit community:

One user remarked, “That’s nice, but I hope you used a secondary bank account. Usually, any bank account that had any transactions with these scammer’s bank accounts gets frozen.”

“Damn, dude. That was awesome,” posted someone else.

Another person posted, “I was wondering one thing, like when we get these messages from these illiterate scammers and we know that it’s a scam and we have a subreddit set for that, do scammers also realize that now that the person sends black magic or whatever images, they are not going to fall for the scam and do they also have a subreddit where they laugh on our black magic messages?”

The hilarious and creative approach taken by “Unfair-Manager-458” in dealing with a scammer has resonated with many, highlighting not only the ingenuity of internet users but also the importance of awareness and caution when dealing with potential scams online.