New UGC curriculum allows PG students flexibility in selecting courses

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New UGC curriculum allows PG students flexibility in selecting courses

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By: Pune Pulse

November 17, 2023

Pune: The new postgraduate (PG) program curriculum will soon be released by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The UGC approved its draft framework earlier this month, and the commission intends to solicit input from a range of stakeholders. The curriculum gives students the freedom to switch between disciplines of study in accordance with the National Education Policy.

Difference from the Existing PG Programs

After a year in the program, students have the option to graduate with a postgraduate diploma. Program length will be one year for students who finish a four-year degree. For those who finish three-year degree programs, the two-year program will continue. In any subject they studied for the graduate course, students can also choose to pursue a Master’s degree. flexibility for students to choose their major or minor subject in a master’s program after meeting the requirements for UG with a major and minor.

Flexibility to Study

For the purpose of crediting all learning and assignments, as well as the accumulation, storing, transfer, and redemption of credits—subject to assessments—the postgraduate framework will be in accordance with the National Credit Framework (NCRF). According to the UGC document, the new framework will give students the freedom to switch between different academic disciplines. Students can choose to major in either of the two subjects they have chosen, providing them flexibility when choosing a double major.

In a similar vein, graduates with one or more majors and a minor may choose to pursue either a major or a minor in the Master’s program. Students will have the option to select the courses that best suit their interests. It will be possible to transition between different learning styles, including online, hybrid, open, and distance learning, offline, and open learning.

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