Newly Elected Pune MP Murlidhar Mohol Likely to Join Union Cabinet: A Strategic Move for BJP in Maharashtra

Pune Platform for Collaborative Response Raises Demands to MP Murlidhar Mohol 

Pune Platform for Collaborative Response Raises Demands to MP Murlidhar Mohol 

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Pune, 9th June 2024: Newly elected Pune Lok Sabha MP Murlidhar Mohol is expected to join Narendra Modi’s Union Cabinet. Reports suggest that Mohol received a call from the Prime Minister’s Office inviting him to take the oath as a minister, which has led to a wave of congratulations.

The Pune Lok Sabha seat had been unoccupied for the past year following the death of MP Girish Bapat. In the recent elections, Mohol secured his position as a Member of Parliament with a vote margin of 1.23 lakh. Despite the BJP’s overall reduction in seats in Maharashtra, decreasing from 23 to nine, Mohol from Pune and Udayanraje Bhosale from Satara were the only candidates elected in Western Maharashtra.

Initially, there were no expectations for Mohol to be offered a ministerial post. However, the evolving political dynamics in the state have increased the likelihood of his appointment. As a prominent Maratha candidate, Mohol’s significance has risen, especially with the upcoming state assembly elections.

Currently, Mohol serves as the regional general secretary of BJP for Western Maharashtra and has been active in expanding the party’s influence across five districts, including Pune, Sangli, Satara, Kolhapur, and Solapur. His potential appointment as a minister is seen as a strategic move to enhance the BJP’s presence in West Maharashtra and demonstrate the party’s support for the Maratha community amidst the ongoing Maratha reservation movement.

With the assembly elections approaching, Mohol’s likely induction into the Union Cabinet could play a critical role in shaping the BJP’s prospects in the state.