No water, No tax ; tells Purandar MLA to Undri residents

Renuka Suryavanshi

Residents listed their woes to Sanjay Jagtap, the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Purandar constituency. 

Over 150 residents of Undri village met Sanjay Jagtap, the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Purandar constituency on Monday, April 25, 2022 to appraise him about inflated property tax bills, poor water supply and lack of other amenities.

The meeting with the elected member, held at Nyati Esteban society in Undri, was organized jointly by Pune Pulse and the Undri Residents Association.
The group of citizens explained their position as to how even after paying the taxes, the Pune Municipal Corporation is not providing any amenities to them. They also brought to his notice that the tax amount for this year was very high and beyond the capacity of residents.

A resident of Nyati Esteban, Panchali Chandrashekhar  said,” PMC provides one tanker of drinking water per week which is not enough and the quality is questionable. The water supply is also not regular. If we don’t pay money, the pick-up vehicles stop taking our garbage.

Jayashree Ganesh, secretary of Hills N Dales society in Undri said that it is not possible to pay huge of sum for the water tankers and also pay the heavy taxes levied.

Addressing the residents, Sanjay Jagtap said, “Undri village residents should not pay up the property taxes. If we don’t pay, the PMC will have to think about providing services and streamline the process. I am of the opinion that if all residents stop paying it, the state government will rethink on its decision of imposing high taxes. I have already raised this issue of providing equal water supply in the Vidhan Sabha, many a times and also not charge for the service which is not provided. ” 

Dr Ashwin Khilare, President, Undri Residents Association said, “We, the residents are suffering for the last ten years. None of the elected representatives have been able to resolve our issues. It is high time that the PMC looks into resolving the issue.” 

The meeting was attended by Sachin Ghule, member, Haveli panchayat samiti,  Undri village, Sahil Kedari, vice president, OBC Cell Congress, Maharashtra state, Jayashree Punekar, former member, Undri gram panchayat, Gauri Phulaware and many representatives from societies from Undri. 

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