Now, Direct Flights To Pune and Nagpur From Nanded  

Now, Direct Flights To Pune and Nagpur From Nanded

Now, Direct Flights To Pune and Nagpur From Nanded

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Nanded residents will rejoice as new flights from Nanded heading to Nagpur and Pune have begun today by Star Air.

June 27, 2024 


Travel comfortably and save time as Nanded is now being connected with air as Star Air launches direct flights to Pune and Nagpur enhancing connectivity and offering more travel options for business and leisure passengers.

These new routes aim to meet the rising demand for efficient air travel, especially for passengers seeking smooth transit between cities. The service will utilise the advanced Embraer E175, featuring 12 luxurious business class seats and 64 top-tier economy seats.

Here’s the Schedule for the two Flights ( Operating on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)

Nanded to Nagpur:

  1.  S5-247: Nagpur to Nanded departing at 9.15 and arrival time at 10.05 
  2. S5-248:  Nanded to Nagpur departing at 10.00 and arrival time at 11.30 

Nanded to Pune: 

  1. S5-249: Nanded to Pune departing at 10.30 and arrival time at 11.30
  2. S5-250: Pune to Nanded departing at 11.55 and arrival time at 12.45

With These New Routes Star Air Connects Nanded to the Following Destinations:

  1. Bangalore
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Bhuj
  4. Hindon (Delhi)
  5. Ahmedabad
  6. Tirupati
  7. Adampur (Jalandhar)
  8. Nagpur 
  9. Pune 

New routes and direct flights enhance air travel by providing greater connectivity through the means of reduced travel time eliminating the need for layovers; convenience is amplified by efficient management through increased accessibility.